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This journal is generally public, though some more personal/emo things are under f-lock ^^;; Lurkers are welcome, though anonymous comments are screened (I am considering turning that off, though). We're generally pretty friendly. Glad to meet you!


I decided that it was time to update my fandom list, since the one I had previously is way behind. So it's getting floated up here so I can find it again and keep it up to date.

I decided that I'm also going to leave this open as a permanent request post. I like writing stuff for my friends, and I'll write in any fandom named here. Just need a fandom, a character or pairing, and some sort of a situation, and I'll see what I can come up with.

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There goes the neighborhood...

So apparently the Westboro Baptist Church is going to be protesting in my city next week outside City Hall because we dared to have a gay man on our (gasp!) local Human Rights Commission.

And then, for some reason, they're going to protest at a local high school. Namely, the one I graduated from way back when, in the class of 2003.

Mom already told Dad that no, he couldn't go to the inevitable counter-protest. The reason he would like to go is because it's his chance to make a few obscene hand gestures at them for their disrespect to military families. Dad was a twenty-year veteran of the Marine Corp, and few things get his hackles up like the stunts they pull. But Mom said no.

As for me, I am sorely tempted to go down there in counter-protest and hold up a really big sign that says I'M AN AGNOSTIC - BUY ME A BEER. Either that, or GOD HATES FIGS. Although I don't want to be the one to tell them that their book has a typo - God just really has it in for Newtons, ya know.

Also, did you guys know that the KKK actually came out one time to counter-protest against these guys? And they're like, "You do not disrespect the military. YOU. DO. NOT." I'm (not really) sorry, but when the freakin' KKK says you're a bunch of nutjobs? YOU HAVE ERRED. Also it sort of weirds me out in a way that I can now say I've agreed with the KKK on something.

Mostly, I just hope that their stupid is not contagious. Or maybe they won't show up. I would be okay with that. Go preach your hatred somewhere else. We're not interested.

Great start to the weekend...?

I'm off to go take two tests for my class - TWO. And I kinda need to do well on them because the first test I took did Not Go Well. I have been studying all bleeping week (just ask the people I chat with on a regular basis because I have been boring them to tears I am quite sure) and I am not sure that it is enough.

And then after that come home, spruce up, and go to my ten year high school reunion.


This has the potential to be either a really great weekend, or a really miserable one.


*sashays off*


I got an A in Microbiology!

...okay, gotta add more to it than that. Coming up on the final, I had a 95% in the class. But our two finals (lab and written) totaled out to approximately half our grade at a whopping two hundred points total. So there was a massive opportunity to tank my grade, particularly on the cumulative written final - one hundred questions, worth one hundred points. Sixty multiple choice, forty matching.

So...I studied. A lot. Pretty much non-stop for a solid week leading up to the written final, which was on Tuesday. Our lab final was to be on Wednesday, our last day of class. I mean, I went so far as to ask raerae639 out to lunch and beg her to quiz me on flash-cards after we'd eaten. I was that worried about it.

So went in, took the final, felt like it was pretty brutal (I had studied my ass off, and still felt like I guessed on a LOT of questions), and walked out with a big question mark hanging over my head as to how the hell I did. I was sure I passed it, but I had no idea what degree of passing I had achieved. So I went home and spent the evening reviewing my lab notes.

The next day, I saw my prof in the store where I worked, and she told me what the results were. She also told me that I passed. I walked over to one of my coworkers, who heard the exchange. We looked at each other, and then I just went "WHEE!" and fist-pumped, and my coworker laughed at me.

When I went to class that night, I got the whole story - of the maybe...twelve people in the class, three of us had passed the written final. The highest grade in the class was an 81% - two people had gotten that score. One person had gotten a 75, and...that was as good as it got. So she showed us our grades and where we stood going into the lab final.

I was one of the 81% scores on the written portion.

Long story short (TOO LATE) I got a 90% on the lab final. I missed one question...but that one question was worth ten points. Whoops ^^;; Either way, it was enough to land me my A in the course! I DID IT I DID IT I DID IT!

I liked Micro a lot more than I thought I would - to the point where my parents had to make a 'no bacteria at the dinner table' rule after the topic of e.coli somehow came up and I, err...started sharing my new-found knowledge *koff* Although it was pretty funny when I mentioned Toxic Shock Syndrome and got my dad to start talking about tampons =P

And I feel like I actually learned things in that class - like, I would come home and tell my parents, "Tonight I learned what bacteria produce the three deadliest toxins known to man - tetanus, botulism, and e.coli" or "Did you know that honey contains botulism spores?" or "There is a parasitic fish in the Amazon that can, will, and has been proven to swim up a man's penis!"

So yeah! Three classes left - Physiology this summer, and then...Organic Chem *gulp*

On we go. Almost there.

I can do this!

Every once in a while, I'm brilliant~

So my dad is officially retired now - his last day was Friday. It led to this conversation last night...

DAD: *to Mom* So does this mean that you're going to start doing the dishes?
MOM: ...are you high? Have you been sniffing the retirement glue?
ME: How is retirement glue different from regular glue? ...oh, I know! It doesn't work!

This concludes my moment of genius for the month. I'll see you all in April.

Also, I actually wrote a thing. Should probably post that...


Hello, and Merry Christmas to all of you out there in LJ Land!

I hope everyone is having an amazing day and that Santa brought you all the things you wanted! I guess I was pretty darn good this year~ *types this on my brand new laptop* Also got a lovely quilt kit, a couple of DVDs and games, and a couple of gift cards :D

Time to go play with all the things~ MUCH LOVE TO ALL!
So Friday night I felt really really sick.

Figured I ate too much or something (putting Papa John's Hawaiian BBQ chicken pizza in front of me has a tendency to make that happen). So I spent a truly miserable Friday night trying - and failing - to sleep while feeling like I was going to die. Wound up getting four hours of sleep while hoping it was just the pizza and would be gone by Saturday morning.

Nope. Spent my entire Saturday in bed praying for death. I'll spare you the super fun details, but it sucked. Royally. And then I couldn't sleep either, which just compounds the joy. So yeah, I had a truly miserable Saturday. Feel a bit better now, but my stomach is definitely not completely settled. I have tea, so let's see what that does. Might attempt some soup later.

I'm sure you're all glad that I'm sharing.

On a much brighter note, last night was a local charity auction. The Elks Club has an auction, and then they use the money to put together food baskets for the less fortunate in the area. These baskets have around $100 worth of food each - we're talking a turkey, a ham, and all the trimmings for a grand ol' holiday dinner.

My mom and I made two things to donate to the auction - we made a set of holiday-themed pillowcases (Valentine's, St. Patty's, Easter, 4th of July, autumn, and Christmas). We made the pillowcases together - I cut, pressed, and pinned while Mom did the sewing. Believe it or not, that's a pretty even division of labor with those. Took us maybe half an hour per set.

We also made a queen-sized quilt in red, black, and white. It had two different blocks in it, so she made one type and I made the other. We each did about half the cutting. She sew the blocks together, and then I sewed on the borders. When it was all done, Mom and I laid it out, and my comment was, "Mom, this is a sexy, sexy quilt." And lo, it was named.

I think it actually went into the auction as "The Sexy Quilt."

Well, the set of pillowcases went for $85 dollars at the auction.

The quilt...went for $425!

We are pleased :)

Okay, back to my tea~


Election over.

My icon says it all :D


(Absolutely no disrespect meant to any Romney supporters on my f-list~)


So I'm NaNo-ing, and--

What's that? Well, no, I don't think I'm completely insane, but thanks for asking.

Anyway, I'm NaNo-ing, and I sort of want to write something for someone.


Usual drill - fandom, prompt, character/pairing, etc. I shall do my best. If not, that's cool too~